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  • 02.12.2020
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  • Revision: Emphatic forms

    emphatic 'do':
    • used to give extra force to the main verb.
      -> I do like your new jacket!
    adverbs of degree:
    • describe the degree or the intensity of an adjective.
      -> You are completely wrong.
      Other adverbs of degrees: absolutely, certainly, clearly, definitely, naturally, obviously,...
    emphasis with 'what':
    • 'what' at the beginning of a sentence emphasizes an action.
      -> What I really love is going to the cinema.
    emphasis with 'it was/it is':
    • It is... / was...
      -> It isn't Sam who is going home, it's Jill.
    emphasis with self-pronouns
    • emphasizes a noun in the sentence.
      -> The Queen herself attended the party.