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  • 18.04.2023
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Ji­cket Teen ma­ga­zi­ne

Until the In­ter­net came up, people got news and in­for­ma­ti­on from news­pa­pers and ma­ga­zi­nes. Spe­cial ma­ga­zi­nes for teen­agers first came up in the United Sta­tes in the 1940s. A pro­mi­nent teen­ager ma­ga­zi­ne "BRAVO" has been pu­blished in in Ger­ma­ny since 1956. Today you'll take a look at some teen­ager ma­ga­zi­nes. You can find out, what they are about.  

Be­fo­re you start - What are you in­te­res­ted in?
  • Name three most im­portant in­te­rests, that you have.
  • Note the most im­portant first and the less im­portant last.
Take a look at some ma­ga­zi­nes
  • Here you can find links to three dif­fe­rent teen ma­ga­zi­nes.
  • Take a look and choo­se one of them for the next task
Is there a teen ma­ga­zi­ne for your in­te­rests?

If you want to look for a teen ma­ga­zi­ne for your spe­cial in­te­rests you can try one from this list of teen ma­ga­zi­nes: https://t1p.de/kr1hq

What's the ma­ga­zi­ne about?
  • Write down the name of the ma­ga­zi­ne.
  • Write down a List of the main to­pics that you can find in the ma­ga­zi­ne.
Would you read a teen ma­ga­zi­ne?
  • What to­pics have to be in a teen ma­ga­zi­ne for you?
  • or
  • What are fea­tures or things, that you don't like about teen ma­ga­zi­nes?
How do you get the la­test news on your in­te­rests?
  • Plea­se note the type of media you use (eg. Vlog, Blog, So­cial media).
  • Can you name some things why you cho­sen this source of in­for­ma­ti­on
    (= In­for­ma­ti­ons­quel­le)?
  • Is it bet­ter than a teen ma­ga­zi­ne?