• Make or do
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  • 24.10.2023
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When to use do and make

  • Good or bad things
  • study
  • work
  • hob­bies
  • re­pe­ti­ve tasks

often task or part of a rou­ti­ne


  • food
  • de­ci­si­ons
  • sounds
  • re­la­ti­on­ships
  • money

often crea­ting so­me­thing form nothing

Chos­se make or do" for each phra­se!

a fri­end

an ap­point­ment


a snack

a job

Chos­se make or do" for each phra­se!


your best

a choice

a noise

some exer­ci­se

Choose make or do. Use the right tense!

Yesterday I my homework and my mom dinner. Suddenly my brother came and said: Do you want to some money? I was confused but he continued:I know you don't like the laundry, but we could make a deal! My mom stopped food and looked at him. My brother whispered You can 5 dollars, if you the dishes after dinner and I will the laundry. Deal? I was confused but 5 dollars and not laundry sounds like a plan, also we have a dishwasher. I shook his hand and he left. My mom looked at me and said: I already the laundry, as a suprise for you and our dishwasher broke down