• Merry Christmas
  • Andrea Reiter
  • 13.12.2020
  • Englisch
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  • Merry Christmas

    We wish you a .
    In England children don't get their presents on .
    comes at night, when all the children are asleep.
    He climbs down the , to leave the presents under the christmas tree.
    In the morning of the 25th of December the children get up early and unwrap their .
    Christmas diner is served in the afternoon. English people eat , vegetables and .

    In Austria children get their presents on .
    The comes in the evening and put the presents under the . The children unwrap their presents.
    Christmas diner is served in the . Austrian people eat with dumplings and cabbage or with potato salad.

    We all celebrate Christmas in memory of the . The presents we get aren't as important as the love to each other.