• Mixed Tenses
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  • 09.02.2021
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  • Fill in the verbs in the correct tense.

    Use each infinitive once
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    1. (can - have - visit - arrive)
    Yesterday Thomas his best friend Marcus. When he at his house he believe his eyes. Marcus a puppy - a Labrador dog.

    2. (run - rain - be)
    Mum: Oh no, look at you! Why you so wet?
    You: I for two hours. It the whole time.

    3. (go - spend - know)
    Mr. X: Where you your next holidays?
    Mrs. Y: I yet. Maybe I to Spain.

    4. (be - live - move)
    When Susan was six she with her family to Hamburg. Before that they in Manchester. Now Susan is 46. So she in Hamburg for 40 years.

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