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  • 09.02.2021
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Fill in the verbs in the correct tense.

Use each infinitive once
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1. (can - have - visit - arrive)

Yesterday Thomas visited his best friend Marcus. When he arrived at his house he couldn't believe his eyes. Marcus had a puppy - a Labrador dog.

2. (run - rain - be)

Mum: Oh no, look at you! Why are you so wet?

You: I have been running for two hours. Ithas been raining the whole time.

3. (go - spend - know)

Mr. X: Where will you spend your next holidays?

Mrs. Y: I don't know yet. Maybe I will go to Spain.

4. (be - live - move)

When Susan was six she moved with her family to Hamburg. Before that they had lived in Manchester. Now Susan is 46. So she has been in Hamburg for 40 years.

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