• Mündliche Aufgabenstellung
  • sarah.e
  • 08.07.2020
  • Englisch
  • 12, 13
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Individual Long Turn

Topic: Transport in the City

* Describe the pictures. Compare and contrast the pictures.

* Evaluate the role of public transport in cities.

* Speculate about how transport in cities might change in the future.

Speak for about 5 minutes.

Paired Activity

Topic: Transport in the City

Transport for London has asked young people to present their ideas on how transport in the city can be improved in the future. Decide which improvements or changes would be most relevant for young people.

  • more bike paths
  • more underground (subway) lines
  • more zebra crossings (crosswalks)
  • more electric cars
  • more sidewalks (pavements)

Speak for 7-10 minutes.