• Oral Exam (mündliche Prüfung) - Practice Tasks
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  • 30.11.2020
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On this worksheet, you will find several tasks, to practice for your oral exam. You can do these tasks in the order you like. Please take your time and don´t rush through them. (The rest is voluntary homework - freiwillige Hausaufgabe)


The West Hollywood town council is offering a job. A new member for the Walk Of Fame committee is needed, to debate about the celebrities that will get a star in 2021.
  • Please pick a celebrity and write a speech\ monologue - that you could potentially give in the committee - about why this person should have a star on the Walk Of Fame.
  • If you like you can volunteer to read your monologue\ give your speech in front of the class to receive some feedback from your peers.

Imagine you live in California. Your friend from Germany phoned you yesterday and said that he is planning his next summer holiday and is interested in visiting California. You promised your friend to call him back soon and give some information on why he should visit you next summer.
  • Write a text with information about California - this could include things like the weather, activities to do, places to visit, special food to try etc.
  • Then get together with a partner. Imagine he/she is your friend from Germany and you are now going to convince your friend to visit you in California. Talk to each other and then switch the roles.
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