• Our Christmas Holidays
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  • 21.12.2021
  • Englisch
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These kids are talking about their autumn holidays. Complete their sentences with verb forms in the correct simple past tense.


In the Christmas holidays my parents and I (work) in our garden. We really (enjoy) it. I (help) Dad repair the old garden shed and Mum always (bring) a basket with hot chocolate, biscuits and sandwiches. One day we (find) a bird with a bad leg in the snow. We (feed) it and then (take) it to the vet.

My Christmas holidays (not be) really nice. All my friends (go) away, but I (stay) at home. I (not want) to play with my little sister, so I mostly (watch) TV and (play) computer games in my room. One day my cousin Tom (visit) us. I (show) him the Leipzig Zoo. He (say) that it (be) cool, but I (not like) that day because the weather (be) terribly cold. I also (not be) in the cinema. I (not do) anything interesting.


I (not go) away, but I (have) a wonderful time at home. When there (be) snow, I (meet) my friends to go sliding or we (ride) our bikes to the nearest park. I even (read) and (finish) 3 books during the holidays. My mum (make) funny Christmas costumes for the cats and on Christmas Eve we (eat) Christmas dinner and (sing) songs with the whole family. That (be) pretty fun!

Write some sentences about your autumn holidays (2 facts about what you did and 2 facts about what you didn't do).
You want to know what your friend did in the Christmas holidays. Ask 4 questions!