• Parts of speech II
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  • 19.11.2020
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    Ordne den Erklärungen den richtigen Begriff zu.

    Folgende Worte müssen eingesetzt werden:
    noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, conjunction


    A word type that expresses what a person is doing (action) or how they are (state of being).


    A word type that describes people, things, places, ideas and concepts.


    A word type that you can write instead of a noun.


    A word type that gives you more information about a noun.


    A word type that gives you more information about a verb.


    A word type that is used to connect phrases or sentences.

    Ergänze zu den Wortarten Beispiele, die im Lied genannt werden.







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    Adjective, verb, noun or adverb?

    Steve can play the trumpet.

    Do you like dogs?

    They listen to music every day.

    She is an old lady.

    The group went climbing in the mountains.

    This is a fast car.

    He did well in the test.

    My father drives carefully.

    Has your father ever been to Australia?

    The play was fantastic.

    adjective, preposition, pronoun, noun, verb, conjunction, interjection or adverb?

    new →

    happily →

    read →

    she →

    house →

    but →

    on →

    Hello! →