• Personalized Learning and Adaptive Teaching
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  • 14.07.2020
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This document is a project work for the course "Internationalisierung der Bildung" and relates to the lecture 'The Psychology of Learning and Instruction", given by Julia Moeller.

It was created by Sandy Chasse and Theresa Ritter in the summer semester of 2020.

This document is intended as a way of guided independent study. Students at university level can learn about the topic and explore personal interests relating to it,

A course that uses this document should be using English as the main language but also allow for German sources.

Students should use the structure given by the titles in the text collections as a guide to important aspects.

Personalized Learning
  • Use the provided sources to gather information about personalized learning. Follow the aspects given in the text collection.
  • Use the other sources for additional and more detailed information and/or to look closer at personal points of interest.

A structured collection of texts.

A playlist of videos on personalized learning.

A podcast series about personalized learning.

Episodes of another podcast series talking about different asects of personalizd teaching.