• Picture Description - California
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  • 20.11.2020
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Below this task you will find two pictures that deal with California. Pick one of these pictures and describe it to your partner (use simple present!). Then your partner is going to describe the other picture to you. Afterwards analyse both pictures together with your partner and think about:
How could the pictures be related to each other?
What could they mean?
What could they tell you?
Hollywood walk of fame
Downtown L.A.
Useful Phrases - Picture description and analysis

- At the top/bottom you can see...              - I like/ don´t like the picture because...

- In the foreground/background/middle   - The picture is interesting/boring because...

- On the left/right ther is/are...                    - The picture shows/represents...

- The people in the picture are talking/      - The picture thries to show... but ... would     fighting/having fun/celebrating/...               work better because...