• Planning a sightseeing tour for Ms Thomas
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  • 03.12.2023
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Ms Thomas goes to London

Planning a sightseeing tour for Ms Thomas:
Plan a day or an afternoon of sightseeing for Ms Thomas, where you include three different London sights. You have to include the sight you presented with your partner and two more sights that are easy to reach from there.
  • a. Write a plan with short notes, not full sentences for Ms Thomas to take along.

    b.Present your tour as a voice message where you also add some important information about the sights.

  • Follow along the steps:
    1. Decide with your partner which three sights you want to include. Find out more about them and how to get there. You can use the padlet for help (the links to the sights' websites and your presentations). Find a good name for your tour.

    2. Now decide in what order Ms Thomas should visit the sights. Find out how to get from one to the other. You can also use the link to the Transport for London website on the padlet under Getting Around to help you. Starting point for the tour is Bethnal Green tube station on the Circle Line near Ms Thomas's youth hostel.

    3. Write the short, clear notes that Ms Thomas can follow to do your tour.

    4. Now record your tour as a friendly voice message. Make sure your message has a good structure. You can use the structure and phrases below for help.

    5. Don't forget to save and upload your message to the padlet, post it in Teams or send it to Mrs Wright, thank you.


example sentence

greeting + your name

Hi/ Hello Ms Thomas, it's (name).

We hope you are doing great.

We hope you are excited for Your trip...

name of the tour

We planned a sightseeing tour for you.

It is called (name of tour)/

We call it the (name of tour).

explaining the tours structure

The first sight of the trip is...

First you are visiting...

Then.../Later you are seeing...

Followed by (a visit of)...

At last you are visiting...

starting point

So, start at Bethnal Green tube station...

The tour starts at Bethnal Green tube station....

Starting at your youth hostel's nearest station, Bethnal Green...

tube directions to sight

Take the ...line westbound (or east-, south-,north-)

That's the (color) line on the map

Your ride is (12) stations long...

Get off at...

Change to ...line going eastbound

street directions

From here you walk towards....

Turn right/left (when you see...)

Walk straight on (until you get to...)

Cross the road ...

On the right or left

Walk along the ... road

and you arrive at..

information of the sight

It is the most famous..

The exhibition shows...

This place is famous for its...

Don't forget, they close at (4:30 pm)

friendly goodbye

We hope you have a great time in London.

Enjoy our tour.

See you next week.

Goodbye; bye-bye; bye