• Present Simple Tense
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  • 23.03.2022
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Present Simple

Read Norah´s e-mail and fill in the missing verbs in the correct form.
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From: norah.mae@gmail.com

To: fred.nixon@gmx.at

Subject: My eating habits

Dear Fred,

I really hope you are fine. I have a food project at school and we talk about our eating habits. I want to tell you about mine.

In the morning I always have cornflakes with milk. Sometimes I drink a cup of tea but usually I drink a glass of water.

I don´t eat snacks at school because I always have lunch at school at 12 o´clock.

In the afternoon I often go to my grandparents´ house. I never eat there because my grandma can´t cook but she always gives me sweets. I have got a sweet tooth.

In the evening I always have dinner with my family. We always eat bread, cheese and vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers.

That´s it for today :-) Please tell me about your eating habits in your next E-Mail.



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