• Question time: the British Empire
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  • 28.09.2022
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Explain the term imperialism and name two former empires.
Ex­p­lain the term im­pe­ria­lism and name two for­mer em­pires.
im­pe­ri­laism ~ a sys­tem in which one coun­try con­trols over other coun­t­ries, often after de­fea­ting them in a war.
the Roman Em­pire, the Ot­to­man Em­pire, the Bri­tish Em­pire
Examine the Atlantic triangular slave trade. Pay special attention to the countries which upheld it.
Ex­ami­ne the At­lan­tic tri­an­gu­lar slave trade. Pay spe­cial at­ten­ti­on to the coun­t­ries which upheld it.
Eu­ropeans brought ma­nu­fac­tu­red goods to Af­ri­ca in ex­chan­ge for slaves (guns, cloth, metal, to­b­a­cooc

Slaves were sent to the Ame­ri­cas (North Ame­ri­ca , Plan­ta­ti­on Sta­tes, West In­dies, to work in the fiel­ds and pro­du­ce raw ma­te­ri­als cash crops: Midd­le Pas­sa­ge

Raw ma­te­ri­als were ship­ped to Eu­ro­pe where they were ma­nu­fac­tu­red and traded (cot­ton, sugar to­b­ac­co)
Outline the reasons for the decline of the British Empire.
Out­line the rea­sons for the de­cli­ne of the Bri­tish Em­pire.
1) the Bri­tish were proud of their in­de­pen­dence but did not share it with its co­lo­nies <> con­tra­dic­tion
2) In­de­pen­dence mo­ve­ment in a lot of co­lo­nies grew stron­ger
3) After WW II Briti­an was bank­raupt and ex­haus­ted, it did not lon­ger have the power or will to con­trol a large part of the world.