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  • 22.07.2020
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Black Lives Matter

Maybe you have heard of the Black Lives Matter Movement in the last weeks. After the murder of African-American George Floyd through police violence, mass demonstrations took place all over the world.

Read the text and find out how the movement came into existence! Mark the central ideas of the text and answer the questions!
When was the Black Lives Matter movement founded?
What was the cause for Black Lives Matter demonstrations?
The Black Lives Matter movement campaigns ...
Why did George Zimmermann shot Trayvon Martin?
What did black people do after the shooting?
How did the executive react to the shooting?
Scan the QR-Code and get some more information about black movements in the USA!
Read the statements from the article again. What is your opinion about the events in 2012 and the BLM movement? Do you think racial discrimination is also a problem in Germany? Write down your arguments in an article (150 words).
"This guy wasn't even a policeman, and he could just kill this kid and not even be arrested," Sharpton said. "That's what outraged me."
"That showed me how powerful my voice is and also what my responsibility is to speak out."