• Satzbau - Sentence structure
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  • 17.09.2021
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Sentence structure

Was sind conjunctions?

Conjunctions sind Wörter die Sätze oder Wörter verbinden.

zB.: For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So

Word classes
  • Substantive - nouns
    Verben - verbs
    Adjektive - adjectives
    Adverben - adverbs
    Präpositionen - prepositions
    Pronomen - pronouns
    Artikel - articles, determiners
    Konjunktionen - conjunctions
Was sind prepositions?

Prepositions sind Wörter die vor einer Zeit- oder Ortsangabe stehen.

zB.: at, in, since, on, to, inside, under...


Who or what performs the action?

Satzbausteine - Build a sentence
  • 3 parts of speech:
    subject, verb, object
  • For example:
    Jonas (subject) speaks (verb) English (object).

Who receives (erhalten) the action?

Write down the correct part of speech for each phrase.
For example:
He | likes | football.
subject | verb | object
  • Thomas | wants to eat | a burger.

  • They | usually enjoy | swimming.


SVO (subject, verb, object) ist der einfachste Satzbau. Man kann jetzt aber noch einen Ort und eine Zeitangabe hinzufügen:

  • Bob always has breakfast at 7.30 am.
  • Bob always has breakfast in the kitchen at 7.30 am.
  • At 7.30 am, Bob always has breakfast in the kitchen.
Ort vor Zeit!

Der Ort kommt immer vor der Zeit! Außer du setzt die Zeit ganz an den Anfang des Satzes.

Write down 2 sentences, using SVO+Ort+Zeit
Read the text. Underline all the verbs. Work with your partner.
  • Every year we go to Florida. We like to go to the beach.

    My favorite beach is called Emerson Beach. It is very beautiful. I like to make sandcastles and watch the sailboats.

    Every morning we look for shells in the sand. I found fifteen big shells last year. I put them in a special place in my room. This year I want to learn to surf. My sister is a good surfer. She says that she can teach me.
Read the text again. Mark subject and object, place and time with different colors. Work with your partner.