• School Systems UK and US
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  • 02.11.2020
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  • Key aspects of the US and the UK school systems



    A student's school career

    different models, e.g.
    Elementary School (grade 1 to 5)
    Middle School (grade 6 to 8)
    High School (grade 9 to 12)

    Primary School (year 1 to 6)
    Middle School (year 7 to 11)
    Sixth Form (year 12/13)

    Compulsory education

    age 16 (grade 10)

    age 16 (year 11)


    You graduate from high school with a diploma after 12 years

    You finish school with a GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) after 11 years or
    an A-level after 13 years


    Primary education starts at the age of 5/6 with the Kindergarten but isn't counted as grade

    School starts at the age of 5/6

    Structure of the school year

    2 terms

    3 terms

    School clothing

    School uniforms are uncommon
    (but: dress code)

    School uniforms are common

    Private school enrollment







    US High School Students

    1st year: Freshman

    2nd year: Sophomore

    3rd year: Junior

    4th year: Senior

    Standardized testing

    In the US, examinations in which all participants take the same test under equal conditions, and where results are scored and interpreted in the same way, are known as standardized tests.  They take a variety of forms, including multiple-choice, true/false,  short-answer or essay questions and are often time limited.

    Die Schule ist eine Institution, an der Bildung durch Wissen und Können an Lernende vermittelt wird.
    Pledge of Allegiance

    Many students in the US give a daily "Pledge of Allegiance" to the flag of the United States while standing stiffly and holding their hands over their hearts.

    “It is easier to land a man on the moon than to change the school system.”

    Unknown author