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  • 08.12.2020
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It´s London Baby!
The Tower of London

I like to visit London, because I'd like to see the Tower of London. It looks very old and gloomy, but I like old buildings. The Tower gives me the creeps, because many people died there. I‘m sure it‘s a little scary there.
What about you, why do you like to visit London?

Write about why you like to visit London. Is there a sight, a museum , a special place or a famous person (like the Queen) you always wanted to see?
  • Read the example text. Give reasons why you'd like to travel to London. Write a minimum of 5 sentences.
  • Use conjunctions [ and , or , but, because ] to connect your sentences.

Welche Art von Gebäude ist das London Eye?
  • Turm
  • Riesenrad
  • Einkaufszentrum
  • Teleskop
Be prepared!

London is a big city and it is easy to get lost. Unlike Joey, do your research! :)

Friends - London Baby!
Season 4 Episode 23.
Emergency situations are not uncommon in big cities, such as London so it is important to know how to handle an emergency.
Fill in the missing words

Operator: service, what do you need?

Jane: I need an . My friend fell of a ladder and he is .

Operator: are you?

Jane: We are at our home in London Road 85.

Operator: So the address is London Road 85, is that ?

Jane: Yes. Please come .

Operator: is on the way. Is your friend ?

Jane: Yes, he is. But he stitches.

Operator: is he bleeding?

Jane: He is bleeding from his .

Operator: Okay, don't him and tell him to still.

Jane: Is coming?

Operator: Yes, is on the way.