• Simple Past
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  • 22.10.2021
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What did Silky the seal do this summer?

Fill in the gaps with the right simple past forms of the verbs.

In the second week of the summer holidays, I (take) the plane from Plymouth to Leipzig. As soon as I arrived, I (go) to my hotel, the Seaside Park Hotel. Because I (forget) my book at home, I (buy) one in the hotel bookshop. I (read) it until the evening, but then I (fall) asleep.
After I (wake up) the next morning, I (eat) breakfast in a cafe called
Pinguin. I (think) about ordering fish, but I (have) ice cream instead.
Then I (ride) a bike to go to Cospuden Lake to meet my friend the shark. At first, we (swim) in the lake and (build) a big sandcastle together. Suddenly we (get) very hungry, so we (are) happy to find a fish and chips shop.