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  • 15.09.2023
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Com­ple­te the sen­ten­ces with the cor­rect form of the verb.

1. Yes­ter­day, I (walk) to the park.

2. She (eat) pizza for din­ner last night.

3. They (watch) a movie on Sa­tur­day.

4. He (visit) his grand­pa­rents last weekend.

5. We (play) foot­ball after school yes­ter­day.

6. Jenny (clean) her room on Sun­day mor­ning.

7. The cat (jump) on the table.

8. My mom (cook) a de­li­cious meal yes­ter­day.

9. Tom and Lisa (dance) at the party last night.

10. I (write) a nice text.

Ne­ga­te the sen­ten­ces from exer­ci­se 1.
I didn't walk to the park.
She didn't eat pizza for dinner last night.
They didn't watch a movie on Saturday.
He didn't visit his grandparents last weekend.
We didn't play football after school yesterday.
Jenny didn't clean her room on Sunday morning.
The cat didn't jump on the table.
My mom didn't cook a delicious meal yesterday.
Tom and Lisa didn't dance at the party last night.
I didn't write a nice text.