• Simple Past
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  • 14.01.2024
  • Englisch
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Task one
Plea­se put the words into the gaps. Use simp­le past.

Scene Emmas dad und his fri­end Bill were sit­ting in the kit­chen and tal­ked

Emma walk into the kit­chen.

She (walk) up to her dad be­cau­se (need) so­me­thing to (con­fess). Herr dad (ask) her,what (hap­pen). She (re­spond) that she (screw up) her re­li­gi­on class what does this means ex­act­ly her dad (ask). She (reply*) "that i will pro­ba­ly get an D on my tran­script

Her dad (look) at her be­wil­de­red and (say) nothing.

Emma (try) to ex­plain hers­elf : Hear me out, I (have) to (sa­cri­fice) this to make sure i could save my ger­man grade, that (is) more im­portant to me!
Her dad camly (
ask) why (do) you (sa­cri­fice)

She (
re­spond) : Be­cau­se god (leave), and Jesus (do*) him equal­ly.

Bill (turn) around and (say) al­most laug­hing : "Axel you (raise) an athe­ist, you should (be) proud of her