• Simple past - Positive statements exercise - New York City
  • Christian Mayr
  • 15.09.2023
  • Englisch
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Hinweis zum Einsatz im Unterricht

Dieses Arbeitsblatt enthält Übungen zum Simple Past:

- Positive Sätze inkl. unregelmäßiger Verben

- Fragen

Die Übungen wurden mit ChatGPT erstellt.

Simp­le past - Exer­cises

Fill in the verb in bra­ckets in the simp­le past.

Last sum­mer, Sarah and her fa­mi­ly visited (visit) the Sta­tue of Li­ber­ty in New York City. They stayed (stay) in a be­au­ti­ful hotel in Times Squa­re for a week. Sarah ate (eat) a de­li­cious slice of New York-​style pizza at a fa­mous piz­ze­ria. Her brot­her took (take) a me­mo­ra­ble he­li­cop­ter tour over Man­hat­tan. They walked (walk) through Cen­tral Park and enjoyed (enjoy) the be­au­ti­ful sce­nery. Sarah's pa­rents went (go) shop­ping on Fifth Ave­nue and bought (buy) some de­si­gner clothes. In the eve­nings, they watched (watch) Broad­way mu­si­cals and applauded (ap­plaud) the ta­len­ted ac­tors. On their last day, they visited (visit) the Em­pire State Buil­ding and took (take) stun­ning pho­tos from the ob­ser­va­ti­on deck. The whole trip to New York City was (be) an unfor­get­ta­ble ex­pe­ri­ence for the fa­mi­ly. They returned (re­turn) home with won­der­ful me­mories of their trip to the Big Apple.

Sarah's fri­end asks Sarah a lot of ques­ti­ons about her trip. Com­ple­te the quesi­ons!

How long did you stay (stay) in Times Squa­re? Did you eat (eat) any fa­mous New York-​style pizza? Did you take (take) any tours while you were there What did you see (see) and did you enjoy (enjoy) in Cen­tral Park? Did you go (go) shop­ping on Fifth Ave­nue?

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