• Simple Present
  • anonym
  • 16.03.2021
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Fill in the blanks.

My Saturday

Every Saturday morning I (wake up) late, because I like to (sleep) late. My mom (make) breakfast and my dad (clean) the house.

After breakfast, I (go) to the pool because I really love swimming. My coach Mark is really strict, he (do not) like when I (be) slow. My grandmother (pick) me up at the pool and we (go) shopping or (eat) at a nice restaurant. My parents (meet) us later, they (have) to go shopping for food first.

In the afternoon I (visit) my cousin, she (live) in another town. She and her brother (like) walking through nature and playing hide-and-seek.

In the evening my parents (come) to my cousin and the whole family (enjoy) a big and delicious supper. Usually my uncle (make) pizza for everyone.