• Simple Present and Present Progressive
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  • 17.11.2020
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Please decide at the following sentences if the verb needs to be in simple present or present progressive. Look for signal words!

1. Jack often goes to the cinema. He likes horror movies best. (go; like)

2. Is Bob at home? - No, he and the boys are practicing for the match. They practice for two hours every afternoon. (practice; practice)

3. I don´t want to go out now. I am working on my tin soldiers. (work)

4. Cats usually hunt and eat mice. (hunt; eat)

5. Look, Tiger is running after a mouse, and the mouse is trying to hide! (run; try)

6. Dad and I often look at the stars at night. (look)

7. Look, it´s snowing again! Now we can build an igloo! (snow)

8. Gina, what are you doing at the moment? - I am writing some e-mails. (you, do; write)

9. I often think of you when you are not here. (think)

10. Tommy collects football cards and stickers. (collect)

11. Uncle Max and aunt Berta visit us every summer. They live in Bath. (visit; live)

12. Mum is not at home. She is visiting her father in the hospital. (visit)