• Slavery in the USA
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  • 05.11.2021
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Slavery is a system, in which a person or a group of people is seen as a living possession1. Enslaved2 people were forced to work according to their 'owner's' instructions or else they were punished cruelly3. They had no human rights.

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In the USA, slavery began in 1619 when 20 enslaved Africans were forcefully4 brought into Virginia. During the 18th century, more than 7 million Africans were taken into slavery. Many died during the horrific journeys on the ships5 from Africa or because of the cruel working conditions6.

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A lot of enslaved people tried to fight back or run away. It took more than 240 years and a Civil War until slavery legally ended when the 13th Amendment7 to the US Constitution8 was passed9 in 1865.

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Think about it first and then talk to your neighbor. Try to say it in English, please. Take notes in your folders.
  • How do you feel when you look at the pictures?
  • What comes to your mind when you read that enslaved people had no human rights? What are human rights?
  • Who enslaved the African people? Why?
  • Look at the first picture again. What could the enslaved people bring with them?