• Stan Walker - "I AM" - Understanding Māori identity through contemporary music.
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  • 14.02.2024
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Stan Wal­ker - I AM (of­fi­ci­al video) from the Ava Du­Ver­nay film Ori­gin

Stan Wal­ker

Stan Wal­ker is a up­co­ming ar­tist, who is cur­rent­ly li­ving in Aus­tra­lia but has its root in New Zea­land. Alt­hough Wal­ker was born in Aus­tra­lia, he is de­scen­ded from New Zea­land Māori and also grew up in his pa­rents' home­land of Tau­ran­ga. His re­cent song I am was cho­sen to be in the movie Ori­gin.

Māori part:

Re­frain / Cho­rus (2x)

He toi­o­ra ahau nōu (I am of your vi­ta­li­ty)

Te toi nō Ku­ra­wa­ka ( The source from Ku­ra­wa­ka)

Taku ron­go­mai­whiti e (My uni­que sa­cred­ness)

Tākiri ko te hae­a­ta (The dawn breaks)

Anga atu ki te rā (Face the light of the new day)

Whiti, whiti ki te ora e (Shine, cross over to life)


Hou mai rā (Re­sounding)

Tō rongo e (Are your deeds)

Tou mai rā (Re­cei­ved)

Tō ka­re­re (Is your messa­ge)

Mau tonu e (It re­mains) X 3

Tūturu wha­ka­maua kia tina! (Bind toge­ther, fix and af­firm)

Tina Haumi e (It is af­fir­med)

Hui e (Bound toge­ther) Tāiki e! (In unity)

What ele­ments that we dis­cus­sed ear­lier about the Māori could you spot?
In how far does the video sup­port the song?
What is re­mar­kab­le about the video / song?
Work with a part­ner. Each part­ner takes a dif­fe­rent per­spec­ti­ve on the song. Note down your thoughts. Then dis­cuss the song with your part­ner.
Stu­dent A: What do you think a Māori’s opi­ni­on of the song would be?
Stu­dent B: What do you think a New Zealan­der of Eu­rope­an de­s­cent would think of the song?

Māori’s opi­ni­on (A)

New Zealan­der of Eu­rope­an de­s­cent (B)

Toge­ther with your neigh­bor, dis­cuss what the in­ten­ti­on of this song is.
Al­re­a­dy done? Great! Dis­cuss why the song was cho­sen for the movie “Ori­gin” and eva­lu­a­te whe­ther it was a re­a­son­a­ble choice.
Con­text of the movie

The movie "Ori­gin," di­rec­ted by Ava Du­Ver­nay, is an en­ga­ging film that ex­ami­nes how his­to­ri­cal in­ju­sti­ces are lin­ked across dif­fe­rent cul­tures. Based on Isa­bel Wil­ker­son's book "Caste: The Ori­gins of Our Dis­con­tents," it looks at the las­ting im­pacts of Ame­ri­can slavery, the Ho­lo­caust, and India’s caste sys­tem. The film fol­lows Wil­ker­son as she tra­vels to Ger­ma­ny and India to study how dif­fe­rent so­cie­ties have prac­ti­ced de­hu­ma­niza­ti­on and op­pres­si­on. "Ori­gin" en­cou­ra­ges view­ers to think about past and pre­sent is­su­es re­la­ted to race, caste, and discri­mi­na­ti­on.

Cover of the movie