• Summer Holidays (Find Someone who - Activity)
  • Kai Bönner
  • 08.08.2022
  • Englisch
  • 7
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Hinweis zum Einsatz im Unterricht

1. Find Someone who...

What did your classmates do in the summer holidays?
  • Walk around the classroom and interview your classmates.
  • Ask questions in the simple past.
  • When you get a 'yes'-answer write down the name.

Find someone who...


... stayed at home:

... visited their grandfather:

... spent some time on an island:

... wrote a postcard:

... bought a souvenir:

... took a boat trip:

... went to a theme park:

... rode in a rollercoaster:

... had a barbecue:

... went to another country:

... got sunburned:

... wore sunglasses:

... walked barefoot in the grass:

... went swimming:

Ja-/ Nein-Fragen im Simple Past

Did you/ she/ ... play video games?

Yes, I did. | No, I didn't.
Yes, she did. | No, she didn't.

Write about your classmates.
  • Write down four sentences in your exercise book.
  • Example: Max stayed at home.