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Words and phra­ses - write the cor­rect Eng­lish word
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the people that work for a company

a person who is guilty of a crime

part of the body between the neck and the stomach

to stop working because of old age

Ex­p­lain the words in Eng­lish:
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Fill in past simple or past perfect
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1. We had finished (finish) our dinner, so dad asked (ask) the waiter for the bill.

2. I did not bougth (not buy) the shoes because I had spent

( spend) all the money on clothes.

3. Mum got (get) her wallet back, but someone had taken (take) the money and credit cards out of it.

4. When I lost (lose) my watch, I was unhappy because I had paid (pay) a lot of money for it.

Write sen­ten­ces using past and past per­fect
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1) I went to bed. 2) My fri­end pho­ned me.

1) The film star­ted. 2) I got to the ci­ne­ma.

Write the cor­rect tense next to the sen­ten­ces
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We stopped the car and got out.

You are wearing a nice jacket.

The police have solved the crime.

Austria imports pineapples.

You won't need help with this exercise.

We have been waiting for 30 minutes!

It is going to rain all weekend.

Fill in the verbs using the correct tense. Circle the signal words.
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1. A few days ago John fell down and cut his knee. (fall)

2. While I was sleeping my mother was preparing the meal for us. (sleep, prepare)

3. We usually spend our holidays in a cottage near the sea. (spend)

4. Look over there! What are the boys doing in the middle of the street? (the boys, do)

5. Mum, I have already done my homework. Can I play in the garden now? (already, do)

6. Bill no longer had his car. He had sold it. (sell)

7. Mary has not tidied her room for two weeks. What a mess! (not tidy)

8. I hope they will be back in time. (be)

9. My brother came home ten minutes ago. (come)

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