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  • 17.09.2020
  • Englisch
  • 7, 8
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Löse die dir vorliegenden Aufgaben mit einem blauen oder schwarzen Kugelschreiber oder Füller. Fehler streiche sauber mit Lineal und Bleistift durch. Schreibe die Korrektur daneben.

Look at the pictures. Write sentences: What has Sue done, what hasn't she done?
8 / 8

do homework


clean up

get the mail

Write a short text about your daily routines. (80 words)
6 / 6
Fill in the gaps in the simple past.
10 / 10

Last year my sister and I (go) to Spain. There we (have) a great holiday. Most days we (relax) at the beach, but we (not got) swimming. The water (be) too cold. One day we (take) the bus to town. We (eat) ice cream. After that we (do) a sightseeing tour, but we (not see) many interesting things. We (fly) back home after two weeks.

Write down 5 things that are happening at the moment. (e.g. Mrs. Kaiser is writing a test with us.)
10 / 10
Write down 3 things you will do in 20 years. Use full sentences.
6 / 6
What are your plans for the weekend? Write down 3 sentences.
/ 40