• Test - Present Progressive
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  • 02.02.2022
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Fill in the correct forms of to be

1. Paul is writing a letter.

2. Paul and Amy are sitting on the sofa.

3. We are waiting for the bus.

4. I am eating pizza.

5. Amy and I are playing tennis.

6. The Millers are visiting their friends.

7. The dog is barking.

8. The girl is singing.

9. All kids are dancing.

10. The tree is growing.

Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the verb in present progressive.

1. Peter's sisters are fighting (fight).

2. My mother is reading (read) a book.

3. We are travelling (travel) by train.

4. The girls are running (run).

5. Amy's father is making (makes) breakfast.

6. I am lying (lie) to you.

7. You are driving (drive) the car.

8. The lions are hunting (hunt) the squirrels.

9. Paul is having (have) a great day today.

10. Look! She is throwing (throw) the apple.

Form questions in the present progressive using the given words.

1. Amy - hello - say

Is Amy saying hello?

2. play - the band - a song

Is the band playing a song?

3. the rabbit - run

Is the rabbit running?

4. sleep - you

Are you sleeping?

5. eat - what - Peter and Amy

What are Peter and Amy eating?

6. swim - fish - in the sea

Is the fish swimming in the sea?

7. I - drink - water

Am I drinking water?

8. where- Mary - go

Where is Mary going?

9. talk - who

Who is talking?

10. work - the brothers

Are the brothers working?

At the park
Describe what the people are doing in the picture. Write at least 5 sentences. You can write more.