• Test: Simple present (+/-/?)
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  • 09.04.2021
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Test: Simple present statements and questions
Fill in the gaps with the correct verb form.
Example: Jack likes (like) football, but he doesn't practice (not practice) with a team.
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  • Ms. Hardtmann (like) to listen to guitar music, but she (not play) the guitar.
  • Our classmates (not go) to school this week, so they (not write) this test.
  • I (be) sorry, I (not know) the answer.
  • Justin's dad (have) a new job. He (edit) video programmes.
Write down yes/no questions from the sentences. Use the correct pronoun instead of the persons' names.

Example: Jack likes football. > Does he like football?
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  • Our parents watch TV. >
  • Sam lives in a house. >
  • My dog eats cat food. >
Underline the verb
infinitive first!

Answer the following questions about yourself with short answers.
Example: Do you like swimming? > Yes, I do. OR No, I don't.
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  • Do you have brothers or sisters? >
  • Do your parents live together? >
  • Does your English teacher talk a lot? >
Write down five questions with different question words for an interview with Mr. Schmidt. You need paper.
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Write down five
different question
words first!

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