• The Passive - Exercise
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The Passive - Exercises

The Beach Party

John and Lily are having a beach party with their friends at the weekend. They have already done several things. Look at the following sentences and complete them with the active or passive form of the word in brackets. Remember to use the correct tense.

1) Some tents (put up) by John and his friends. They will try sleeping in them tonight.

2) Cindy (bring) the meat for the barbecue, tomorrow.

3) The cocktails (mix) by Todd.

4) Before they decided on having a beach party, other options for a party (talk about).

5) Lots of fruit (must -cut) for the fruit salad.

6) Christina (get) a new camera for her birthday. She will take pictures during the party.

7) The music, you are hearing at the moment, (play) from CD.

8) The flowers for the garlands (not arrive - yet).

9) The torches on the beach (light) yesterday evening. They looked beautiful.

10) While Lily (decorate) the beach hut this morning she (disturb) by her ringing cellphone all the time.

The Storm

Last night, a terrible storm hit the small village of Upper Easton. The strong winds blew away the roofs of several houses. The rain that followed flooded the basements of five homes in the village center. The “Golden Lion Inn”, the local pub, suffered the most damage. The flood filled the cellar of the old building and watered down the stocks of ale and wine. Outside Upper Easton the storm has blown down a large oak tree. The tree trunk is blocking the road to Lower Easton and possibly will do so for several more hours. The police and the local fire brigade will clear the road as soon as possible. The authorities ask drivers going from Lensington to Bridgefield to use the signed out diversion.

You are doing an internship at a local radio station and have just received the news report about the storm last night. Unfortunately, Alan, the stations newscaster, doesn't like the text. He asks you to put in to the passive voice to make it sound more news like.
  • Put the text into the passive voice. You can divide sentences if you want to, but all information must
    be included.
  • Dein Freund Max interessiert sich sehr für dein Praktikum. Leider spricht er nicht so gut Englisch.
    Deshalb bittet er dich die überarbeitete Nachrichtenmeldung zu übersetzen.
Put the following sentences into the passive voice. Leave out the by-agent if it is possible.
Levi Strauss
  1. Levi Strauss invented the blue jeans.
  2. Our teacher told us that we will go on a trip.
  3. After a thief had stolen my bike I went to the police.
  4. Alex and I are having a party next week.
  5. I will give Mom a book for her birthday.
  6. Everybody can understand that text.
  7. Many people like watching football.
  8. Somebody will play the piano.
  9. They are building a new school next to our house.
  10. Greg and Lou haven't done the work by themselves.