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The monarchy of the United Kingdom or monarchy has a long history. The UK was not always united but became united in .

The British monarch was the head of the British Empire, wich covered a of the world. Nowadays former states of the empire became independent and still are part of the .

The current monarch and head of state is . She is the Queen since .

Members of the support the Queen in her many State and national duties. They also work in the areas of and service.

The next monarch in line is , who is her son. He is the Prince of Wales and is now married to the Duchess of Cornwall - . Prince Charles has sons - the of Cambridge - William and the Duke of Sussex - . The siblings of Prince Charles are: Prince Andrew (the Duke of , Prince Edward (the of Wessex and Princess Anne (the Princess Royal].

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Prince Charles - son of the Queen, married to Camilla Parker-Bowles

Prince Philip - deceased husband of the Queen

Prince Andrew - father of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

August Philip Hawke Brooksbank -  son of Princess Eugenie

Prince Edward - brother of Prince Anne

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis  - great grandchildren of the Queen

Prince Harry - brother of Prince William, father of one child, married to Meghan Markle

the Queen - head of state

Prince William - grandson of the Queen, father of three children, child of Lady Di,

married to Catherine middleton

Prince Anne -   sister of Prince Charles

Archie Harrison Mountbatton-Windsor -   great grandson of Prince Phillip