• The story of Guy Fawkes
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  • 08.01.2021
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The Story of Guy Fawkes

Read the text on pages 160 - 161 in your schoolbook.
  • Look up words you don't know under the text.
  • Do the following exercises:
How many men were in Guy Fawkes group?
  • Seven.
  • Twelve.
  • Two.
  • Eleven.
Why did they want to blow up the English Parliament?
  • Things were difficult for Catholics in England and Catholics were fed up with King James I.
  • Guy Fawkes and his group hated England.
  • Guy Fawkes was crazy and just wanted to blow up Parliament for fun.
  • Guy Fawkes and his group hated Queen Elizabeth I and wanted to kill her.
Who wrote the letter about the plan?
  • Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Guy Fawkes.
  • King James I.
  • A friend.
What was Guy's job on the Big Day?
  • Guy Fawkes had to make a big bonfire.
  • Guy Fawkes had to lock the doors of the English Parliament.
  • Guy Fawkes had to stay at home.
  • Guy Fawkes had to look after the gunpowder.
How many men from Guy Fawkes' group died?
  • Nobody died.
  • All of them died.
  • Just Guy Fawkes died.
  • Three men died.
When do people in Britain celebrate Guy Fawkes Day?
  • On November 4th.
  • On November 5th.
  • On November 6th.
  • On November 7th.