• to be allowed to (Vjollca Shabanaj)
  • vjollcas33
  • 01.05.2023
  • Englisch
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to be al­lo­wed to (dür­fen)

Du be­nutzt "to be al­lo­wed to" , um aus­zu­drü­cken, was du tun darfst und was nicht. Mit die­sem Mo­dal­verb kön­nen Er­laub­nis­se und Ver­bo­te aus­ge­spro­chen wer­den.


to be + al­lo­wed to + In­fi­ni­tiv des fol­gen­den Verbs


to be + not al­lo­wed to + In­fi­ni­tiv des fol­gen­den Verbs


Chloe is al­lo­wed to meet her fri­end today.

Chloe is not al­lo­wed to meet her fri­end to­mor­row again.

Talk to a class­ma­te and try to form sen­ten­ces about what your part­ner is (not) al­lo­wed to do.
  • have a phone?
  • stay out until late?
  • dye your hair
  • have a boy­fri­end/girl­fri­end
Fill in the cor­rect form: al­lo­wed to or not al­lo­wed to?
(Don't for­get to add the cor­rect form of to be!)

David to come to my party. His pa­rents said no.

Anna bor­row Geor­gia's lap­top until to­mor­row. She is very nice.

In school we eat food du­ring the les­sons. It is for­bidden.

Karen talk to the ma­na­ger. She doesn't want to meet Karen.


I am

You are

He, She, It is

We are

You are

They are