• Unit 2: Presentations
  • fneumann
  • 16.12.2020
  • Englisch
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Topic: The Rastafari Movement
Prepare a presentation about the Rastafari Movement. Your presentation should contain the following aspects:
  • History of the movement and important figures behind it
  • Regional spread of Rastafarianism (Where in the world?)
  • Rituals and traditions that play a role in religious practice of the people
  • Comparision of Rastafarianism and Christianity
  • Criticism about Rastafarianism
Visualize your presentation by using PowerPoint.
  • Do not forget that a good PowerPoint show consists only of the most important information.
Create a handout for your audience.
  • A handout can be structured by using a gap text the audience needs to fill in or a kind of quiz etc.
Useful links:

General facts

More research

Video - Main

Video - Rules

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