• Verbs of perception - Participle or infinitive?
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  • 07.03.2023
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Read the text and un­der­line all the verbs of per­cep­ti­on that you can find! Also, un­der­line the parti­ci­ples and in­fi­ni­ti­ves that fol­low. Use dif­fe­rent co­lours for the dif­fe­rent forms!

Pete so­me­times helps the vet he met du­ring his work ex­pe­ri­ence. The vet wants to know why a woman with a cat left be­fo­re her ap­point­ment…


'Well, I was out­si­de the wai­ting room. Sud­den­ly, I heard so­me­o­ne scream, so I went in and saw a dog bar­king at a woman stan­ding on a chair with her cat in her arms. Then I heard the cat hiss and I saw it scratch its owner and jump out of the win­dow. The woman quick­ly went after her pet and I could hear her cal­ling for the cat out­si­de for a while. I re­al­ly hope she found it. The dog owner was pret­ty upset as well. He said that he didn’t see that co­ming at all!'

Com­pa­re the kinds of ac­tions these two dif­fe­rent forms ex­press. To vi­su­a­li­se the rule, write the ele­ments of the new struc­tu­re into the bub­bles. Use the ar­rows un­der­ne­ath to give re­a­sons why you need a parti­ciple/an in­fi­ni­ti­ve. What func­tions do the forms have?
  • Pete heard the woman cal­ling for her cat out­si­de for a while.
  • Pete saw the cat jump out of the win­dow.
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