• Vocabulary skills - Idioms
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  • 08.06.2021
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Translate the idiom into English.
  • etw. ans Licht bringen -

  • einen drauf machen -

  • etwas aufschieben -
Choose an idiom (a-d) to replace the expression in brackets .
Mike and Justin yesterday evening.
  • went round
  • came round
  • ran into
  • gone off
There are not enough muffins to .
  • go round
  • come round
  • run into
  • go off
The bomb in a crowded street.
  • went round
  • came round
  • ran into
  • went off
Complete the sentences. Use idioms with common verbs.

a) If you don't want to do something today, maby you can until tomorrow.

b) I didn't plan to meet Marco. I simply in town.

c) Slow down! You're running too fast. I can't you.

d) A role model is a person you and want to be like.

Explain the meaning of the idiom. Make notes in English.



better late than never

(to) cut down on sth.

(to) beat around the bush

(to) call it a day

(to) cut somebody some slack

(to) get out of hand

it's not rocket science

long story short

in a nutshell

the best of both worlds

speak of the devil

(to) have bigger fish to fry

(to) be nuts / bananas

the elephant in the room

(to) bite the bullet



(to) bend over backwards

(to) be over the moon

(to) run out of sth.

(to) be short of sth.

(to) be all ears

piece of cake

(to) burn the candle at both ends

(to) kill two birds with one stone

(to) dig in

(to) knock oneself out

(to) bump/run into sth. or s.o.

drop-dead gorgeous



(to) cross a bridge when you get there

(to) steal someone's thunder

when pigs fly

(to) let the cat out of the bag

(to) add insult to injury

(to) bump / run into sb. or sth.

(to) hit the nail on the head

(to) give up the ghost

(to) blow off some steam

(to) stab someone in the back

(to) get a taste of your own medicine

(to) end up

(to) get rid of

(to) be on the verge of doing sth.

silver lining