• 'We Will Meet Again' - listening comprehension
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  • 04.03.2021
  • Englisch
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  • The unexpected rise of the Covid 19-pandemic caused new challenges in the whole world.

    State leaders of several countries gave speeches to show unity with their people. So did Queen Elizabeth II in March 2020. She delivered a speech to the British people and gave them advice on how to deal with the new situtation.


    Listen to the recording and take notes.

    1. Explain the main message of the Queen's speech. (adressee, intention)

    2. Describe your own impression of the speech. How did you like it? Did it attract you? Find arguments.

    3. 'We Will Meet Again' is the title of this speech. Evaluate the intention of this title. What was the expected effect?
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    Define the following words from the speech.








    Evaluate the following statements. Tick the correct boxes.
    The queen says, the new situation has no financial effect on the people.
    The queen thanks the NHS workers.
    The queen encourages the people to not stay at home and go outside and meet friends.
    The queen says, the Britains of this generation will be stronger than any.
    The queen talks about a speech she gave together with her brother in 1941.
    The symbol for the unitiy of the British people is visualised by drawn rainbows.