• Where do we go?
  • Leipzig University
  • 27.09.2021
  • Englisch
  • 6
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On the train 1 pm

Paula: Where are we going, Chris? Tell me.

Chris: I wanted to surprise you, but OK I tell you. We are going to Amsterdam.

Paula: Oh cool, I haven`t been to Amsterdam yet.

Chris: I know that is why we are going. I have been to Amsterdam with my family. We have seen so many beautiful places. It has been a great journey.

Paula: Are you hungry? I`ve made some scones.

Chris: Yes I haven`t eaten anything today. A scone would be great.

1.30 pm , after scones

Chris: Thank you. Where did you go during our last holidays?

Paula: I was in England. My time there was great but my friend has travelled to Ireland. I`d love to travel there, too.

Chris: Ireland`s countryside is magical. I have been there once.

Paula: Really? I haven`t seen my friend for a while but she told me the weather has been rainy and chilly but the coast and mountains with all the sheep and goats living there were beautiful.

Chris: Sounds great. Oh look, over there!

Paula: Where?

Chris: Look that way. On the right side there is a big field full of ponies.

Paula: I love ponies. Do you think we see more of them on the journey?

Chris: I don`t know. Maybe.