• Winnie, the Wicked Witch
  • pikous
  • 08.02.2024
  • Englisch
  • 7, 3. Ausbildungsjahr, A2, B1
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In your latest test, some of you had quite some troubles with using the words who, which, witch and with correctly. Therefore, I asked ChatGPT to create a text about Winnie, who is a witch, with which you can practice these words again. First translate the words.








wel­che(r) → Per­son

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Enchantia, there was a tricky named Winnie. Winnie was a some villagers were afraid of because she had strange powers. One day, she decided to make a magic potion to get even more special skills.

Winnie, her black hat, her funny laugh and her black cat Wilbur, was sitting on her left shoulder, was gathering things from her strange garden. She picked herbs and berries, some of were very rare. The big pot was bubbling, making a funny noise, and the air had a weird smell.

While Winnie was saying her magic words, a group of kids was walking through the forest. They found Winnie's weird house, was hiding behind strange trees. They peeked through the window and saw the wicked her bubbling potion. When Winnie saw the kids, she got really angry. Why are you here, little ones? she shouted. She pointed her magic stick at them, started to make sparks.

The kids got scared and started running away. I will teach them a lesson, she whispered to Wilbur.

Winnie, her broomstick in hand, ran after the kids through the dark woods. The trees, looked like they were slowly waving, were watching the crazy chase. The crazy really wanted to catch the kids! As the kids were running between the trees, they saw that Winnie's powers were getting stronger. She was getting closer! They ran faster, trying to get away from the tricky .

Finally, they reached an open space, gave them a little break. Winnie, breathing hard, stopped at the edge of the open space. The kids, catching their breath, looked at each other, feeling safe.

Winnie, knowing she lost the race, went back to her house.

The kids, a new understanding of the dangers in the magical forest, went back to their village. They promised not to bother Winnie and Wilbur again.

And so, in Enchantia, the story of Winnie, the tricky , became a story told around the campfire.

No one dared to go into the dark woods, held both interesting and dangerous things, especially when a wicked like Winnie was making potions.

Match the words with their German expressions.
  • berries
  • bother
  • breath
  • broomstick
  • chase
  • dare
  • edge
  • gather
  • herbs
  • Atem, atmen
  • verfolgen, Verfolgungsjagd
  • stören, belästigen
  • Beeren
  • sammeln
  • Kräuter
  • wagen, sich trauen
  • Rand
  • Besenstiel
  • peek
  • potion
  • sparks
  • tricky
  • understanding
  • villager
  • weird
  • whisper
  • wicked
  • Funken
  • Verständnis
  • Dorfbewohner
  • seltsam
  • lugen, gucken
  • flüstern
  • Trank
  • hier: hinterlistig
  • böse
Sort the sentences to get a summary and write it in your exercise book.
  • A group of kids found Winnie's house and saw her making the potion.
  • In the magical land of Enchantia, there was a tricky witch named Winnie.
  • The kids managed to escape and promised not to bother Winnie again.
  • Winnie got angry and chased the kids through the dark woods.
  • Winnie wanted to make a magic potion to gain more special skills.
Tick the cor­rect ans­wers.
1. What did the kids see when they pee­ked th­rough Win­nie's win­dow?
2. Why did Win­nie get angry when she saw the kids?
3. What did the kids promise when they got back to the village?
Find answers and write them into your exercise book.
  • Who is the main character in the story? Decribe him / her.
  • What did Winnie want to do with the potion she was making?
  • What were some of the things Winnie gathered from her strange garden to make the magic potion?
Do you like the story? Why?
Which part do you like best?