• Worksheet Innovative Companies
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  • 23.03.2022
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Innovative Companies


Nowadays, companies need to be innovative to stay ahead of their competitors.

  • Carry out some research on the internet, and find an innovative company.
  • Be prepared to  explain why you think this company is innovative and why you’ve chosen this particular company. You have 15 minutes for this task.
  • Then get together in pairs and discuss the companies you´ve found with your partner. This task should take 10 minutes.
  • Your teacher will then ask you to share your thoughts in class.

Please note!

Try to use English sources for your research!


  • Go to YouTube and watch the TED-talk "The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure" by Astro Teller.
  • Then answer the questions below.
Moonshot factory

A moonshot factory, like X or Google X, pursues big dreams and visions.

The moonshot blueprint is based on:
Find the right words for the gaps:

According to Astro Teller, Google X is a messy place. Among the projects they killed was a project about automated vertical farming. At X, employees kill projects and are rewarded and promoted for it.

What do you think about this moonshot factory and how they deal with ideas, projects and problems? Explain your opinion and give examples. Write 250 words.