• Writing a comment
  • Herr Müller
  • 06.11.2022
  • Englisch
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What's a comment?

In a comment, you take a critical stance on a specific topic. In doing so, you list arguments that support your opinion and disprove possible counter-arguments.

The task often starts with Comment on ... and is mostly written in simple present.

Introduction: You do not just write a comment by starting with your argumentation. Before you start writing a comment it is important to catch your readers attention. This can be done by:
  • introducing your topic and telling your reader about the importance of the topic.
  • Making the reader question his or her behaviour.
  • generally explaining your point of view.
Main part: This is the part of your argumentation. Present your thoughts in a logical order (think about your strongest/weakest argument), give examples and say why other arguments are wrong.
  • Think about your pros and (possible) cons. Cons help you to weaken possible counter-arguments.
possible structure

2.1 strongest contra-argument

2.2 weaker contra-argument

2.3 weakest contra-argument

2.4 weakest pro-argument

2.5 stronger pro-argument

2.6 strongest pro-argument

The following words help you to structure your main part

for pro - arguments

for counter-arguments

  • It might be argued that … /One might say that …
  • Although/Despite ...
  • In contrast to that
  • Nevertheless
  • On the one hand … (but) on the other (hand) …
  • It might be argued that … /One might say that …Although/Despite ...
  • First/Second/Third ...
  • Furthermore/Moreover/In addition
  • An example for this is …
Conclusion: If you want to end your comment, it is important to find a rounded conclusion.
  • It makes sense to summarize your previous arguments.
  • give an outlook solution consequence / consequences.
The following words help you to structure your conclusion.

  • As a result
  • All in all
  • Concluding/ As a conclusion ...
  • In summary/To sum up