• Writing a fictional letter to Erik
  • anonym
  • 24.06.2023
  • Englisch
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Wri­ting a fic­tio­n­al let­ter to Erik

Write a fic­tio­n­al let­ter to Erik. State your opi­ni­on whe­ther you think it is im­portant to be true to yours­elf.
  • think about how to start the let­ter
  • why is it im­portant to be true to yours­elf?
  • in­clu­de per­so­nal ex­pe­ri­en­ces and ex­amp­les to un­der­line your opi­ni­on
Use­ful phra­ses
  • Haley told me about your con­ver­sa­ti­on with ...
  • I think you should be true to yours­elf be­cau­se ...
  • if you're not true to yours­elf ...