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  • 29.11.2023
  • Englisch
  • 7, 3. Ausbildungsjahr, A2
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5 Minute English → Writing a Postcard
Join Kayleigh and learn how to construct an English postcard. Put together sentences in the past and future tense.
Watch the video and listen carefully to what Kayleigh says. Fill in the gaps.

Today, we are going to write a postcard. We are going to use five structures for our postcard: Greeting, Descriptors, Past Tense, Future Tense, and Goodbye.

Let's start with a greeting. An informal greeting could be Hello or Hi. But usually, when we are writing a letter or a postcard, we use Dear ...Dear Gemma, ...

Next, we describe the place. We could describe how the place looks, like beautiful.

Or we could describe the weather as sunny or hot. If there are lots of tourists around, we might describe it as busy. Or we might describe the atmosphere as fun. → London is fun.

Next, we write something you have done. This means using the past tense. If you went somewhere, you would start with I went ... and if you saw something, you would start with I saw ...I went to Hyde Park. I've added another descriptor here. It was beautiful.

Then write something you will do. This means using the future tense. Start by saying the time. For example, Tomorrow ... or On Wednesday ...

Then say, I am going to ...Tomorrow, I am going to the London Eye.

Finally, say Goodbye. We often use the phrase Wish you were here. Then, From ... or if it is a loved one or family member, Love from ...Wish you were here from Kayleigh.

Dear Jemma,
London is fun. I went to Hyde Park. It was beautiful. Tomorrow I am going to the London Eye.
Wish you were here!
From Kayleigh
Look at Kayleigh's postcard again and write the text on the lines.
  • Greeting
  • Descriptors
  • Past Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Goodbye
Miss J. Educo
Via Educo, 51
Now look at the text and find information that relates to the 5 bullet points in Task 2.
  • Mark them with a highlighter.
Take a look at this checklist. Think about what goes together.
  • 1. Start with a Hello:
  • 2. Say Where You Are:
  • 3. Talk About Your Trip:
  • 4. Describe Your Feelings:
  • 5. Share Something Interesting:
  • 6. Mention the Weather:
  • 7. Send Greetings:
  • 8. End with Goodbye:
  • Send friendly greetings to your friend.
  • Say a little about the weather, for example, The weather is good.
  • Tell your friend how you feel, like I am happy or It is nice.
  • Close your postcard with a goodbye, like Goodbye or See you soon.
  • Share a bit about what you did or saw, using simple words.
  • Tell your friend where you are, like I'm in Paris.
  • Begin with a friendly greeting like Hi or Hello.
  • Talk about something interesting you found, using easy words.
Now read the postcard and find information that relates to the 8 bullet points in Task 4.
  • Can you find some information for all of them? Use a highlighter again.

Dear Friend's Name,

Hi there! Greetings from London! Today has been amazing. I'm sitting in a cute little café near the London Eye, and I've had the best day ever.

Guess what I did yesterday? I went on the London Eye! The view from the top was incredible. I could see the whole city! It was a bit scary, but also so much fun. 😊

The weather is okay at the moment, as I'm resting a bit before my next adventure. Tomorrow, I plan to visit the Tower Bridge. I've heard it's fantastic! I'll take lots of pictures for you.

Wish you were here to share these experiences with me. Missing you loads!

Take care and see you soon.

Yours, Friend's Name

Are you ready to rock the postcard writing? Use simple words and short but clear sentences to make your postcard awesome! Stick to the checklists above.