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  • Song: Father And Son
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  • 18.07.2017
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    Father And Son

    Songwriter: CAT STEVENS


    You’re still young and that’s your fault

    there’s so much you have to know


    Listen to the song and find out in every verse either if the father is talking or the son.
    You can listen to the song here
    You can listen to the song here
    You can read the text here
    You can read the text here

    a change – Wechsel,   to relax – entspannen,   take it easy – immer mit der Ruhe,   still – immer noch,  

    fault – Fehler,     to settle down – beständig werden,   once – einmal,   calm – ruhig,   to go on – geschehen,   take your time – lass dir Zeit,   to order – befehlen,   to go through something – etwas durchmachen,  

    decision – Entscheidung,   to keep – behalten,   hard – schwierig, schwer,   to ignore it – es nicht beachten

    • What would you like to say to your father (mother)?
      - 7 minutes -
    • Share your low-stakes writing assignments with your partner. Give eath other a feedback.

    Helpfull words and phrases for your discussion:

    aggressive – aggressive,   superficial – oberflächlich,   patronizing – bevormundend,   full of despair – voller Verzweiflung,   at hiswits´ end – mit seiner Weisheit am Ende,   despairing – verzweifelnd,   helpless – hilflos,   sad – traurig,   complacent – selbstzufrieden,  melancholic – schwermütig,   full of self-pity – voller Selbstmitleid