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  • Find someone who - after holidays in general
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  • 21.04.2017
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    Find someone who... --HOlidays Edition--

    1Try to speak to everyone in the class.
    • You must find someone who did ONE of the things in their holidays.
    • ONE person is only good for ONE answer.

    Find someone who...

    ActivityPersonCan you find out more details?
    visited a new city.which?
    went on a holiday without their family.where?
    tried a new activity.which?
    tried some new food.which?
    went to a beach.where?
    went to a party.which?
    travelled on a boat.where?
    went on a picnic.where?
    travelled on a plane.where to?
    played in a park.which game?
    had their birthday.when?
    had pizza for their dinner.which toppings?
    went shopping.where?
    saw someone from this class.whom?
    cooked a meal.what?
    read a book.which?
    was ill.good again?
    wrote a whom?
    went to a concert.which?
    visited their grandparents.where?