Profilbild von Adrian Sauer
  • Red Line 4 - p 51 no 3 - Interviewbögen What about you?
  • HerrSauer
  • 18.02.2018
  • Mittlere Reife
  • Englisch
  • 4
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  • What about your classmates?

    Interview your classmates and takes notes of what they tell you. Ask her/him questions, if they do not tell you by themselves.
    • You can ask What are you... crazy about? ... tired of? ... good at?
    • Be careful to write down the -ing-Form!! (example: not to run or run /// Write: running)


    crazy about ...

    tired of ...

    good at ...

    interested in ...

    not so good at ...

    looking forward to ...

    Write a short profile about your three partner! Say what your partner is / isn't good at, crazy about, tired of, interested in, looking forward to...
    • Example: Mr. Sauer is crazy about filming - he leads the film club. He is tired of looking at the bad weather. Mr Sauer is good at learning English. ...
    Partner 1: _________________________________

    Partner 2: _________________________________

    Partner 3: _________________________________