• Simple Past or Present Perfect
  • Ulrike_Jentz
  • 23.03.2016
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    1Fill in the gaps with e correct form of simple resent or present perfect.
    1. John (have) his bike for ages now and it (not be) new when he got it two years ago.
    2. (ever / you / be) to Manchester? I (go) there last year.
    3. John (not do) his homework last night. He (do) it now though.
    4. I (do) this puzzle before. However, it (be) years ago.
    5. I (be) late for work this morning. I (never / be) late before.
    6. The twins (not have) any breakfast yet, because they
    (must / leave) the house so early.
    7. Jennifer (not / do) well in her last examination, so she (just / repeat) it.
    8. The timetable (not / be) up to date, so we missed the bus.
    9. My mother (not have) a holiday since 2001 when she (go) to Brighton.
    10. The children (not / do) what they were told to do this morning.
    11. We (already / have) some fish and chips. We (have) them for tea.