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    Search the Internet for information about a film star:
    • use the QR-Codes - or the links below
    • www.thefamouspeople.com (Film and Theater Personalities - Actors)
    • https://simple.wikipedia.org//wiki/Main_Page- search for name!



    These questions will help you to write your text:

    1. What's his/her name?
    2. When and where was he/she born? How old is he/she?
    3. Where does he/she live?
    4. What does he/she look like?
    5. Describe his/her character:
    6. Is he/she married/divorced/single?
    7. Has he/she got any children?
    8. What's his/her major work? In which film has he/she starred?
    9. Did he/she get any awards? (2 examples max.)
    10. Why do you like him/her?

    Useful words and notes:

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    brilliant, great, awesome, good-looking, funny, bad-tempered, friendly, polite, talented, intelligent, serious, rude, shy, generous, lucky, successful, well-known

    leading role

    he/she starred in ...

    he/she produced ....

    a sequel - Fortsetzung, Teil

    series - Serie